Question by Jenny S: What foods have a lot of calcium in them?
Besides milk i mean since drinking milk makes me really feel sick and i know how weak my bones are so im trying to locate an alternative to supplements since i do not like taking pills or something.

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Answer by Jack
salad greens and green and leafy vegies like broccolli, kale, chard, buk choy are all wealthy in calcium and magnesium ……. so is celery…… chop the end off a entire celery and eliminate the leaves and juice it in a juicer and drink that ….. rich in calcium and magnesium and also rich in the living enzymes that every single single cell in your body wants to be crucial ….. great energiser too.

raw nuts and seeds too like brazil nuts and almonds are rich in both calcium and magnesium as are fresh salmon and sardines.

there are some supplements out there that won’t upset sensitive bodies too ……. lifestream does a chelated calcium powder that is palatable and does not include sugar of any description.

and of course avoiding the calcium and magnesium thieves like alcohol, excessive amounts of caffeine and eliminating processed sugar from your diet plan will go a lengthy way towards developing powerful bones, wholesome digestion, immune and neural systems ……. a diet plan high in processed sugar, processed salt, animal protein, saturated fat, caffeine, alcohol, sodas, pop and soft drinks will literaly rip the calcium and magnesium proper out of your bones …… it acidifies your bloodstream therefore prompting your body to attempt neutralisation by ripping the minerals calcium and magnesium from your bones.

146 good reasons to not ingest processed sugar ~


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